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Welcome to Robin Wright Web, the newest resource for actress Robin Wright. Known throughout the years for her many movie roles, and currently starting in the award winning role of Claire Underwood on House of Cards, we strive to have the most news, photos and more about Robin.

Robin Wright wants to go to bed with you — as in, she’s launched a socially conscious sleepwear line with longtime pal and designer Karen Fowlers.

Called Pour les Femmes, the debut collection features four different styles including a vintage-inspired long nightgown and a floral-print, long-sleeve button shirt with matching straight-leg pants, as well as a sleep mask featuring the hashtag #DreamBigger. The best part? You’ll also feel good about your purchases, because Pour les Femmes will donate 100 percent of its profits from sales to benefit the Action Kivu and Synergie organizations to help the women of Congo who are victims of violence.

While the ultra-comfy-looking pajama sets are priced at $169, the pieces are currently being sold at $75 on Tilt during the next 30 days for the philanthropic partnership. Find out more at because if you snooze, you lose.


Colleen   Nov 19, 2014

More updates to the Robin Wright Web Gallery with stills & Screencaps from Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Girl with the Dragon Tattoo > Movie Stills
Robin Wright Web Gallery > Girl with the Dragon Tattoo > DVD Screencaptures

Colleen   Nov 3, 2014

Some new updates to the Robin Wright Web Gallery with caps and stills from Forrest Gump.

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Movies > Forrest Gump > Movie Stills
Robin Wright Web Gallery > Movies > Forrest Gump > DVD Screencaptures

Colleen   Oct 28, 2014

New updates to the Robin Wright Web Gallery from her role in “State of Play.”

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Movies > State of Play > Screencaptures
Robin Wright Web Gallery > Movies > State of Play > Episode Stills

Colleen   Oct 7, 2014

Colleen   Sep 24, 2014

Some new screencaps in the Robin Wright Web Gallery from “Nine Lives.”

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Movies > NINE LIVES

Colleen   Sep 18, 2014

Yahoo has a new clip up from “The Congress” – see it HERE

Colleen   Aug 31, 2014

1. Hollywood Vice Squad (1986)

Background: A mother discovers that her teenager has run away to Hollywood and joined the porn industry in this suspense thriller, which features Carrie Fisher and Joey Travolta – John’s older brother – in supporting roles.

Wright’s Role: In her feature film debut, Wright played Lori Stanton, a kidnapped daughter.

2. Moll Flanders (1996)

Background: Based on a book by legendary novelist Daniel Defoe (best known for penning Robinson Crusoe), this drama tells the story of the title character, a young woman working to improve her financial and physical well-being during the early 17th century. Critics dinged the film for straying too far from the darker plot points of Defoe’s book, particularly in the case of Moll’s transgressions, which are largely absent from the film.

Wright’s Role: The title character, whose journey resembles the character trajectory of Wright’s Jenny from Forrest Gump.

3. Hurlyburly (1998)

Background: The title of this movie, an adaptation of the acclaimed 1984 play by David Rabe, derives from one of the first passages in Shakespeare’s Macbeth, when the Second Witch tells the First Witch that they will reunite when the “hurlyburly’s done.” The star-studded cast includes several actors with whom Wright had spent time or would spend time in the future: then-husband Sean Penn was the film’s star, and future co-star Kevin Spacey also played a major role.

Wright’s Role: Darlene. More details are difficult to come by, but the main characters are Hollywood executives whose personal lives are far more interesting than the movies they’re struggling to get made.

4. How to Kill Your Neighbor’s Dog (2000)

Background: Kenneth Branagh is best known for directing Shakespeare adaptations and the first Thor movie, but he’s also acted in comedies like this one, in which struggling playwright Peter McGowen befriends his doppelganger (Jared Harris) and partners with an effeminate director (David Krumholtz) who takes a liking to his work.

Wright’s Role: Peter’s wife, Melanie, who is determined to have a baby.

5. Virgin (2003)

Background: Audiences have grown to love Elisabeth Moss in her role as Peggy Olson on Mad Men, but the actress has a fairly extensive filmography from the years before that show catapulted her into the mainstream. Among her credits is this drama, in which Moss plays a teenage girl who becomes pregnant without having sex and comes to believe she’s carrying the child of God.

Wright’s Role: The pregnant teenager’s mother (and one of the film’s co-producers)


Colleen   Aug 30, 2014

Actress Robin Wright may not have taken home any actual awards at last night’s Emmys, but I would like to nominate her for best red-carpet risk taker. In a sea of red dresses, she wore an amazing backless jumpsuit by Ralph Lauren, which she paired with subtle, glow-y makeup and edgy hair. I spoke to makeup artist Tricia Sawyer (shown above with Wright) about the look and the process of getting ready.

“Robin’s custom-made pantsuit has an almost ’40s feel to it, but because it’s backless it has a modern twist,” said Sawyer, who also works on House of Cards. “I wanted to keep her very chic and modern and bring out the natural contours of her face.”


Colleen   Aug 27, 2014

Some new photos in the Robin Wright Web Gallery from the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards.

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Events > 2014 > 08-25: 66th Primetime Emmy Awards
Robin Wright Web Gallery > Events > 2014 > 08-25: Netflix Celebrates the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards

Colleen   Aug 27, 2014