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Latest News • First teaser for “House of Cards” drops
Welcome to Robin Wright Web, the newest resource for actress Robin Wright. Known throughout the years for her many movie roles, and currently starting in the award winning role of Claire Underwood on House of Cards, we strive to have the most news, photos and more about Robin.

Colleen   Jan 17, 2016

Colleen   Jan 11, 2016

Colleen   Dec 17, 2015

Congrats to Robin nominated for both a Golden Globe and SAG Award for her work on House of Cards.

Colleen   Dec 13, 2015

A big update to the Robin Wright Web Gallery from “A Most Wanted Man”.

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Colleen   Nov 30, 2015

House of Cards is up for a People’s Choice Award – Vote Here

Colleen   Oct 14, 2015

New photos added to the Robin Wright Web Gallery from the Emmy’s.

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Colleen   Sep 23, 2015

“Because it’s there” is famously a good enough reason to climb Everest, and it’s probably also as much justification as was needed to greenlight an expensive and starry 3D/IMAX 3D film about Everest, too. After all, who doesn’t thrill to vertiginous helicopter shots of icy slopes, who doesn’t love queasy 3D sequences where we swoop over and under spindly ladder bridges, who doesn’t appreciate the spectacle value of a roiling storm that blots out the blue sky with the force and speed of a megaton bomb? The mountain summons such imagery immediately and has a hold on the collective imagination, just by being there, that makes the whole project feel like a no-brainer. And on those visceral levels, Baltasar Kormákur’s “Everest” certainly delivers. But as a functional adventure-cum-disaster flick it works hard not to let the grandeur of its setting become obscured by anything as extraneous as plot or human connection: “Everest” boasts drama so high it’s Himalayan, but the characterization is thinner than the air up there.

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The film, written by Simon Beaufoy (“127 Hours”) and William Nicholson (“Unbroken”), opens with a series of titles explaining the significance of its lead character, Rob Hall (Jason Clarke) — the man who pioneered the idea of bringing expeditions to the summit as a job, essentially making Everest into a business. Other companies and individuals followed Hall’s lead, including Scott Fisher (Jake Gyllenhaal), who ran a rival concern, so by 1996, when the film takes place, the lower slopes of Everest were getting quite crowded — and not everyone had the integrity and nous that the pragmatic, cautious Hall did. At least part of the subtext here (sadly unexplored like many other interesting avenues) is that the commercialization of Everest makes these ascents less heroism than tourism, so the decision to retell the true story of one such expedition that ended in tragedy comes somewhat pre-loaded with compromised stakes.

In an extended series of getting-to-know-you scenes we’re introduced to Hall’s crew this time out, including ornery Texan Beck Weathers (Josh Brolin), meek but driven mailman Doug Hansen (John Hawkes), Yasuko Namba (Naoko Mori), attempting to be the first woman to scale all seven of the world’s highest summits, and Jon Krakauer (Michael Kelly), a journalist who’s going to cover the climb for Outside Magazine. Not all of these people are going to make it home, or even back to base camp, which is held down (sometimes literally — it’s a bunch of tents) by Helen Wilton (Emily Watson) and a new doctor (Elizabeth Debicki), while Guy Cotter (Sam Worthington) acts as lookout and weather spotter on a nearby, lower slope. The women back home are repped by Hall’s pregnant wife, Jan (Keira Knightley), and Weathers’ harried missus, Peach (Robin Wright). And while it’s kind of depressing that they are so backgrounded, the fraught conversations they have with their spouses do provide some of the film’s more emotionally effective, if utterly manipulative, moments. Plus Knightley and Watson both get to gargle thick Kiwi accents, so there’s that.


Colleen   Sep 3, 2015

And, while Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) on “House of Cards” has morphed from anti-hero to outright villain, it’s his wife, Claire (Robin Wright), who’s become the more nuanced, interesting character. After realizing that years of blindly amassing her husband’s political power has left her with no influence of her own — “Without me, you are nothing!” Frank spits at her — she curtly walks out on him at the end of Season Three.

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Colleen   Aug 14, 2015

Another update to the Robin Wright Web Gallery with DVD Screencaps from Moneyball.

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Colleen   Aug 3, 2015