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Welcome to Robin Wright Web, the newest resource for actress Robin Wright. Known throughout the years for her many movie roles, and currently starting in the award winning role of Claire Underwood on House of Cards, we strive to have the most news, photos and more about Robin.

Big update to the Robin Wright Web Gallery with over 400 HQ photos from events she attended in 2013.

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Events > 2013 Events

Colleen   Aug 24, 2014

I’ve updated the Robin Wright Web Gallery with one new still from “The Congress.”

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Movies > The Congress > Movie Stills

Colleen   Aug 18, 2014

Colleen   Aug 14, 2014

Some more photos added to the Robin Wright Web Gallery from events she was at in 2014.

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Events > 2014 > 01-10: 14th Annual AFI Awards
Robin Wright Web Gallery > Events > 2014 > 01-11: Diane von Furstenberg’s Journey Of A Dress Opening Party

Colleen   Aug 11, 2014

Welcome to Robin Wright Web, the newest resource on the web for actress Robin Wright Web. We’ve got a lot more updates coming for the Emmys, so keep checking back!

Colleen   Aug 8, 2014

Three years ago, Robin Wright’s career provided the perfect template for the character Robin Wright in Ari Folman’s trippy, semianimated film “The Congress.” But that was B.C.—Before Claire, the icy wife of Kevin Spacey’s master political maneuverer Frank Underwood on Netflix’s “House of Cards.” Now Wright is known for something other than Princess Buttercup in “The Princess Bride” or Jenny in “Forrest Gump,” while the fictional Robin Wright of “The Congress” remains in stasis, having somewhat capriciously sabotaged her career.

That Robin Wright is somewhat bullied into signing over her image to a mammoth studio; after her every expression and gesture are captured, the studio will own (and do whatever they like with) her likeness and she will be prevented from ever again performing anywhere in the world—including karaoke stages. The studio just wants a Princess Buttercup they can slot into whatever schlock they’re shilling; “Robin Wright” just wants to care for her ailing son. With dwindling career prospects and several brutally honest speeches from her agent (Harvey Keitel), she eventually signs. Twenty years later, the contract is up and she’s having serious second thoughts.


Colleen   Aug 7, 2014

New photos up in the Robin Wright Web Gallery from this week’s screening of “A Most Wanted Man” (Thanks to Rachel McAdams Online for the photos.)

Robin Wright Web Gallery > Events > 2014 > 22 July – The Cinema Society And Montblanc Host The Premiere Of Lionsgate And Roadside Attractions’ “A Most Wanted Man”

Colleen   Jul 27, 2014

Colleen   Jul 24, 2014